Our next City Council workshop will be Monday, Sept. 21, at 4pm at Techworks. You can find the agenda here: http://ow.ly/lu0m50Bv5W9

-We will be taking a look at residential setbacks (which help determine the spacing between adjacent houses) with the Planning and Zoning Board to determine if we need to make any changes to the Land Development Code in this area. This will be an important conversation as whatever changes we decide to proceed with will impact the kind of development that comes into Belmont in the future.

-We will also be discussing our strategy for approaching requests for water and service for non-annexed areas outside the city limits. In general, current policy requires annexation for sewer connections, while a property may be able to connect to our water system based on its inclusion in the HB-630 area (which addressed issues surrounding Duke’s coal ash ponds) or its inclusion in a subdivision. You can find a more complete history and current status of the policy here: http://ow.ly/nXEU50Bv6Ju

If you have any questions, let me know!

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