Here’s a quick update from our City Council workshop this week:

-The current budget proposal from staff is basically a hold-the-line budget, which makes sense given the current very fluid situation. It calls for leaving all taxes, fees, etc. unchanged for the upcoming fiscal year. So, residents will see no change in their tax or utility bills. Because we are less likely to see property development of all types (commercial, residential, industrial) in the current economic environment, it is projecting a smaller increase in property tax receipts next year (3%) as well as a 3.5% reduction in sales tax receipts coming into the City. The proposed budget uses pretty conservative estimates for next year, so while I am looking forward to the lifting of the shut-down orders, we are well-prepared in the event that they are continued for several more weeks. You can find a copy of the budget presentation here:

We also decided to accept offers to purchase part of a city-owned parcel at the corner of South Main Street and Myrtle Street. The city’s lot abuts the current home to Two Chicks and Garibaldi Realty, and the offer is to purchase the slice of the lot that currently houses Two Chicks’ outdoor patio and a small piece directly behind the building. We will make a final decision on the sale once the bidding period ends (which is 10 days after the last bid is received).

-We also received an update on the code enforcement case for 951 Cason Street (the old mill across from Linford Park). The property owner has indicated that he will have the front side of his building fixed by May 31, the roof done by August 1, and the back side finished by October 1. Council requested that he obtain the necessary permits to complete this work by our May meeting (on 5/4), and we will receive another update on this case at that time.